Buy RSPO credits

If your organisation is interested in contributing to sustainable and responsible palm oil production, you can start by purchasing RSPO Credits. On the RSPO PalmTrace marketplace, your organisation can purchase Credits that cover (a part of) your annual palm (kernel) oil use.

One RSPO Credit = 1 tonne of certified sustainable palm oil, certified sustainable palm kernel oil or certified sustainable palm kernel expeller produced by RSPO certified Independent Smallholders.

All these producers adhere to the 2018 RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) for certified sustainable palm oil production and are audited annually. This way, you are guaranteed that RSPO Credits represent palm (kernel) oil from certified sources. Credits are supplied by mills, palm kernel crushers, independent smallholders, and outgrowers to allow for a diverse supply base with different characteristics.

As a buyer you can conveniently search, bid and buy RSPO Credits in the RSPO PalmTrace marketplace. To gain access to the Credit market and PalmTrace, please click on the step-by-step guide for buying credits below and follow the steps to buy Credits.

Step-by-step guide for buying Credits

A step-by-step guide to Credit trading.

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Direct deals

Information on off-market deals and supporting independent smallholders.

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Conversion, claims and fees

More on offsetting your palm oil usage, how to use Credits for claims and RSPO PalmTrace fees.

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Checks and audits

Read more about how and whether your company will be audited for using RSPO PalmTrace Credits.

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