Being an RSPO member

When you become a voluntary member of the RSPO, you join a global partnership that works together to seek solutions for environmental and social challenges in the palm oil industry.

When we collectively produce and use sustainable palm oil, we have a positive impact on our planet by protecting fragile ecosystems, natural habitats and biodiversity. We also ensure that the rights of local communities and workers in oil palm producing countries are respected and upheld. RSPO and its members partner with smallholder farmers around the world to unlock improved yields through sustainable agricultural practices, leading to better livelihoods and community development.

Your RSPO membership is a reflection of a commitment to our planet, people and prosperity. As RSPO is an internationally recognised certification standard for sustainable palm oil, you are showing your customers that you are producing, sourcing and/or using sustainable palm oil in your products. As an RSPO Member, you can help shape key sustainability policies and decisions in the industry. What’s more, research indicates that switching to producing sustainable palm oil can reap significant economic returns on your investment.

You will have a say in the development of the RSPO Standards, can sit on the RSPO Board of Governors, Steering Committees, Working Groups and Task Forces, and can vote at the Annual General Assembly of RSPO Members.

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Benefits of membership