Information on off-market deals and supporting independent smallholders.

Off-market deals

An alternative to the anonymous Credit trading on RSPO PalmTrace are off-market deals. Off-market deals offer the possibility to support a certified sustainable palm oil producer of your choice. By buying Credits directly and privately from the producer, whether an oil mill or an independent smallholder, the origin of the Credits you purchase is traceable. This allows for both the freedom to determine your own negotiation price and the possibility to decide where your Credits originate from. Off-market deals are always reported on RSPO PalmTrace. To find out how to make an off-market deal and how to report this, please see the step by step guide.

Contact an RSPO Certified Grower and make a bid for your desired Credits. In the bid email include the Credit type, quantity and Credit price in USD (excluding RSPO/UTZ brokerage).

Once you have reached an agreement, either the buyer or seller has to report the deal online on PalmTrace. The deal will become visible in the market but the price will not be disclosed.

Trade confirmation emails and invoices will be sent by UTZ once you have reported the deal online.

Purchasing credits: Costs

As a Credit buyer, you will be invoiced for the total price of Credits you have purchased and an administration fee (if applicable).

Administration fees

An administration fee is charged per Credit purchased. This fee allows UTZ to maintain and improve the RSPO PalmTrace marketplace, and allows RSPO to support the transition towards sustainable production. The Credit trading process is managed in the most transparent way and allows for 24/7 trading with the most up-to-date market information, and provides unlimited customer support.

Physical sales

Invoiced to the first buyer from the mill (Shipping Announcements)
USD 1.40 / MT
USD 0.63 / MT

RSPO Credits

Invoiced to the credit buyer.
RSPO Credits sold by mills.
USD 1.40 / RSPO Credit
RSPO Credits sold by crushers
No fee
USD 1.40 / RSPO Credit
RSPO Credits sold by independent smallholders (IS)
USD 1.40 / RSPO Credit
USD 1.40 / RSPO Credit
USD 1.40 / RSPO Credit

Credit prices

Credit prices are determined by the interaction between supply and demand. The Credit market rate varies over time and depends on many external factors, such as yields, Credits offered, the amount of off market deals and more. Log in to RSPO PalmTrace marketplace to get the most current pricing information and view the RSPO PalmTrace marketplace page for an overview of the historical development of supply and demand and corresponding Credit prices.

Supporting independent smallholders

For independent smallholder groups, it can sometimes be difficult to sell Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) to a certified mill. In this case, the sustainable production of their palm oil is in vain, since there are no interested parties buying their volume. However, smallholder groups can sell RSPO Credits online, representing the sustainable certified FFB that they produce. This way, they receive a premium that creates a business case for smallholder certification. RSPO Credits create a trading option for smallholder groups and make RSPO more inclusive. As a buyer, purchasing RSPO Credits allows you to support independent smallholders directly and engage them in sustainable supply chains.

Check out RSPO Smallholder Impact Stories to read more in-depth information on how the production of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil benefits smallholders and their families.

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