Hotspot hub

An interactive digital platform that provides near real-time information on detected hotspots and potential fires within RSPO Certified and non-certified concessions. It also highlights the actions taken by RSPO Members to address the challenges.

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An interactive mapping platform that features concession maps submitted by RSPO grower, processor, and trader members that promotes transparency in plantation concession boundaries.

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PalmGHG Calculator

An online calculator that enables oil palm growers to estimate and monitor their net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and allow them to easily identify and reduce troublesome areas in their production chain.

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New Planting Procedure (NPP)

A set of processes that involves assessments to be completed by growers and some smallholders, followed by a verification by third-party accredited Certification Bodies (CBs), before any new oil palm development.

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Remediation and Compensation Procedure (RaCP)

A High Conservation Value (HCV) assessment for RSPO Members of their holdings before any new land development (e.g. planting or infrastructure) takes place. It is designed to ensure that land areas under the control of RSPO growers that contain or support HCVs were not cleared for development after November 2005.

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Sustainability College

A series of educating and fun videos on key sustainability topics. Learn about Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), Labour Rights, Social Accountability, Role of Certification and more.

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