Become certified

Once you’ve become an RSPO Member, apply to get RSPO Certified, if applicable for your role.


Choose your role in the supply chain: oil palm growers, palm oil processors or traders or consumer goods manufacturers.


Become an RSPO Member. View step-by-step instructions here.


Choose your supply chain models.


Ensure you have a valid RSPO PalmTrace license to start trading!


How long does it take to become certified?

The process to get certified is subjective and highly dependent on the readiness level of the applicant and availability of the CBs. In general, a company can be certified within one to two months of closure of the last nonconformance, or for audit without non-conformance from the date of the closing meeting of the initial certification.

How long is the certificate validity?

After passing the initial certification, the RSPO certificate is valid for five years (one certification cycle). It provides a means to request a licence in RSPO PalmTrace each year after successfully completing an audit. The certificate is only valid if the licence is active on RSPO PalmTrace. Annual audits are required to ensure continuous compliance to the RSPO Standard is maintained throughout the certification cycle.

How is certification maintained?

To ensure that all relevant issues concerning compliance with the RSPO Standards are identified and assessed, an annual surveillance audit will be carried out by the accredited CBs. This will ensure continuous compliance by implementing the following approach:

Each certified RSPO Member must go through a main assessment every five years. Any issues or non-compliances shall be raised by the CB during the audit and shall be closed within a specified timeline.


If you have questions about RSPO Certification, please email our Certification Team.