RSPO Credits

One RSPO Credit equals one tonne of RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO), Certified Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil (CSPKO) or Certified Sustainable Palm Kernel Expeller (CSPKE). One RSPO Independent Smallholder Credit represents one tonne of IS-CSPO/IS-CSPKO/IS-CSPKE.


Why buy or sell CSPO as an RSPO Credit versus physical?

As a buyer

If you wish to contribute to a more sustainable palm oil market because you and your customers are worried about the negative side effects of palm oil production, trading in RSPO Credits is a good place to start your sustainability journey. This means that with each Credit you buy, you are actively supporting sustainable production around the world. Purchasing Credits supports the inclusion of smallholders in the supply chain, which is essential in making the palm oil market more sustainable.

Furthermore, RSPO Credits allow you to invest in the sustainable market through RSPO PalmTrace anywhere, anytime and to directly and immediately claim this sustainable investment on your products.

Buy RSPO Credits
As a seller

You may find yourself in a position whereby you have completed the RSPO Certification process (congratulations!), but are yet to gain access to a certified buyer. In this case, you can sell your certified volume as RSPO Credits. Regardless of your company’s size or location, you are always able to sell your RSPO Credits on RSPO PalmTrace as soon as you are registered and have certified volumes available. This makes it easy to gain a premium for your sustainability efforts, that you can then re-invest in your company.

Sell RSPO Credits


By selling certified sustainable palm (kernel) oil products as RSPO Credits using the Book and Claim supply chain model, you are contributing to offsetting the palm (kernel) oil use of buyers. In the long term, these efforts will help transform the palm oil and palm kernel oil market into a more socially just and environmentally sustainable place. The premium you receive for your sustainability efforts is a viable business opportunity – a well-deserved reward for contributing to sustainable market transformation.