GeoRSPO is an interactive mapping platform developed in partnership with the World Resources Institute (WRI). It features concession maps submitted by RSPO grower members as well as processor and trader members, a mandatory requirement to secure RSPO Certification that promotes transparency in plantation concession boundaries.

GeoRSPO lets users view the following information regarding RSPO Members’ concessions:

  • Group name
  • Company name
  • Plantation name
  • Certification status
  • Country
  • Concession boundary

The platform also features powerful analytical tools for statistical and geospatial analyses. You can also view data layers such as:

  • Integrated preliminary deforestation detection
  • Tree cover loss, gain and density
  • Climate data (air quality, green house index)
  • Recent high resolution satellite imageries

Data in GeoRSPO:

  1. The concession and mill data displayed is collected from previous Annual Communications of Progress (ACOP) submissions, direct updates with the Geographic Information System (GIS) Unit, membership applications, the certification process, the Remediation and Compensation Procedure (RaCP) and the New Planting Procedure (NPP) submission.
  2. The Malaysian and Indonesian governments have confirmed that there are no legal constraints preventing RSPO from publishing its members’ concession boundaries.
  3. Maps published on GeoRSPO cover all RSPO Member concessions globally.
  4. Downloadable geospatial data:
    1. RSPO Concessions data in shapefile format (download here)
    2. HCV1-3 Probability data:
      1. Cameroon
      2. Colombia
      3. Costa Rica
      4. Ecuador (excluding Galapagos Islands),
      5. Mexico (Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz state only)
      6. Ghana
      7. Honduras
      8. India
      9. Indonesia
      10. Ivory Coast
      11. Malaysia
      12. Nigeria
      13. Peru (excluding coastal and highland ecozones)
      14. Sierra Leone
      15. Thailand
      16. Uganda

In our commitment to transparency and accountability, we will continue to add relevant map layers and other features to the platform on an ongoing basis. Please take note that these external datasets/maps are to be used as a guidance only.