A step-by-step guide to trading RSPO Credits

Become an RSPO Member

To trade Credits on the RSPO PalmTrace platform, you must be an RSPO Member. Calculate your palm (kernel) oil usage per year and choose a membership type accordingly. Here you can find detailed information about types of membership. To apply to become a member of the RSPO, click here.

Obtain access to RSPO PalmTrace

  1. Create an RSPO PalmTrace account here.
  2. Set your company up for Credit trading by filling in the form here and sending the completed form to [email protected].
  3. You will receive an email when your setup is complete.

Start trading RSPO Credits

You are now able to place bids and buy RSPO Credits online. Off-market deals are also reported on the RSPO PalmTrace platform. Enjoy transforming the market!

To market: how does RSPO Credit trading work?

The first step to trading RSPO Credits

Once you have been set up on RSPO PalmTrace, you can place bids on a variety of Credits that are clearly listed on the platform. These bids are placed anonymously; the producers will not know who has placed the bid and you do not know who produced the Credits you want to buy. This ensures a level playing field for both buyers and sellers. Once a Credit producer has accepted your offer on their Credits, both parties will know who they have traded with. You will then also have all the information on the origin of your RSPO Credits.

Buying on demand

RSPO Credit trading offers you the opportunity to buy according to the current needs and wants of your company. There are various options available. You can choose to account for your total palm oil usage through buying RSPO Credits, or account for only a part of it. Another option is to combine offsetting through Credits with sourcing RSPO Segregated (SG) or Mass Balance (MB) certified palm (kernel) oil. You have to make sure the claims you make on products comply with the supply chain model (MB, SG or Book & Claim/RSPO Credits). For examples of how you can communicate your efforts through claims, please see the information on conversions, claims and fees.

What is on offer?

The PalmTrace platform has multiple Credits on offer that will cater to your company’s needs when offsetting palm oil products used. View available RSPO Credits here.

Direct deals

Information on off-market deals and supporting independent smallholders.

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Conversion, claims and fees

More on offsetting your palm oil usage and how to use RSPO Credits for claims and RSPO PalmTrace fees.

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Checks and audits

Read more on how and whether your company will be audited for using RSPO PalmTrace Credits.

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