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As a producer of palm oil, you have different options for selling your RSPO certified volume. Selling RSPO credits in PalmTrace is one of them. It provides you with a fast and easy way to earn premiums for your efforts in making the palm oil market more sustainable. All volumes produced according to the RSPO Principles and Criteria are eligible to be sold as credits.

Selling RSPO credits is a possibility for certified oil mills, independent smallholders and palm kernel crushers. You can choose to sell your certified volume of palm oil products through credits by using the Book and Claim supply chain model. Of course, certified volume can also be sold through the physical supply chain models. You can also combine these options, allocating your volumes among the different supply chains.

Online trade of credits happens anonymously. This prevents market distortion and creates a level playing field for both buyers and sellers. You are automatically linked to bids for credits made by buyers through the PalmTrace platform based on matching supply and demand. If you have set a price for your credits, buyers can make a bid to match your offer. All this happens without insight into who you are dealing with. However, once the deal has been made, the identities will become known to both parties. This way, you are always informed who will use your credits to account for their palm (kernel) oil.

This is how you can sell RSPO Credits:

What is on Offer?

Selling RSPO credits is possible for certified oil mills, independent smallholders and palm kernel crushers.

As a Mill

You can sell CSPO (certified sustainable palm oil) through RSPO credits. To do this, you have to allocate (part of) your certified CSPO to RSPO credits. This can be done with a few mouse clicks in your personal PalmTrace account. It is your personal choice how much of your certified volume you choose to sell through the physical or book and claim (credits) supply chain. You cannot sell CSPKO (certified sustainable palm kernel oil) or CSPKE (certified sustainable palm kernel expeller). You can sell your certified sustainable palm kernels (CSPK) to a crusher, who can then sell the volume extracted from these kernels via the physical or book and claim (RSPO credits) supply chain. The sale to a crusher is reflected in PalmTrace by creating a Shipping Announcement.

As a Crusher

you can sell CSPKO (certified sustainable palm kernel oil) or CSPKE (certified sustainable palm kernel expeller). Once you have received certified sustainable palm kernels (CSPK) from mills by receiving a Shipping Announcement in PalmTrace, you need to covert these to either CSPKO or CSPKE on your own PalmTrace account. This is done to reflect your unique crushing activity. Once converted, you can allocate your CSPKO and CSPKE volumes to be sold as RSPO credits. You register this volume in PalmTrace. You can combine selling physical CSPKO/CSPKE with selling CSPKO/CSPKE credits, as long as your allocation choices are reported correctly in PalmTrace.

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I am an Independent Smallholder

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