Step-by-step guide to selling RSPO Credits

Get Certified

Make sure you have certified volumes of palm oil available to sell as RSPO Credits.

Obtain access to RSPO PalmTrace

  1. Create an RSPO PalmTrace account here.
  2. Set your company up for Credit trading by filling in the form here. Send the form to [email protected].

Receive confirmation of certified volume

After your audit, you will be given a certified volume that is valid for the licence period. You can decide what part of this volume to use for trading Credits by allocating part of your certified volume to RSPO Credits in RSPO PalmTrace.

Start your Credit trading

You are now able to offer RSPO Credits online and to make off-market deals. Please report off-market deals on RSPO PalmTrace at all times.

Additional information for mills and crushers

  • A detailed explanation on how to sell your RSPO Credits is available in the Manual for Book & Claim in your RSPO PalmTrace account.
  • Different ways through which you can sell certified volume here.
Direct deals

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Sales and premiums

What to expect when selling RSPO Credits.

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I am an independent smallholder

How to make deals as an independent smallholder.

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