Contact the buyer of your choice to make an offer with the following information:

  • Credit type
  • Credit quantity
  • Credit price in USD

Once you have reached an agreement, either you or the buyer have to report the transaction on PalmTrace marketplace. The deal will become visible in the market but the price will not be disclosed.

Trade confirmation emails and invoices to the buyer will be sent by UTZ once the deal is reported online. As soon as payment for the Credits has been received, UTZ will transfer the money to you.The buyer will receive your RSPO Credits in their Book and Claim account.

More on off-market deals

An alternative to the anonymous Credit trading on the RSPO PalmTrace marketplace are off-market deals. Off-market deals offer the possibility to agree on a Credit sale privately and offline. For an off-market deal to originate, two options are available: a Credit buyer could contact you with a private offer for your Credits, or you can contact a buyer with a specific offer. On the RSPO website you can find a list of registered buyers and sellers. All offers are made privately through email. In the bid email, the following data is always included: the Credit type, the Credit quantity and the Credit price in USD. Please make sure the off-market deal is reported on RSPO PalmTrace marketplace by either you or the buyer.

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