RSPO supply chains

The RSPO has set up 2 certification systems:

  • One to ensure that palm oil is produced sustainably called “producer/grower certification” or “Principles & Criteria certification”;
  • The other to ensure the integrity of the trade in sustainable palm oil, i.e. that palm oil sold as sustainable palm oil has indeed been produced by certified plantations

Both systems involve third-party certification bodies. Such rigorous certification systems considerably reduce the risk for consumers to use palm oil that is not sustainable.


Sustainable palm oil from a single identifiable certified source is kept separately from ordinary palm oil throughout supply chain.

Identity Preserved


Sustainable palm oil from different certified sources is kept separate from ordinary palm oil throughout supply chain.

Segregated supply chain model


Sustainable palm oil from certified sources is mixed with ordinary palm oil throughout supply chain.

Mass Balance supply chain model


The supply chain is not monitored for the presence of sustainable palm oil. Manufacturers and retailers can buy Credits from RSPO-certified growers, crushers and independent smallholders.

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The RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain - How to take part