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Sales and Premiums

What to expect when selling RSPO credits

When trading credits online, you determine the price of your credits. In your PalmTrace account, you can choose
1) How many credits you wish to sell
2) The price per credit you would like to receive

The PalmTrace platform additionally allows you to view the best price currently offered for credits by credit buyers. You can consequently choose to sell your credits for this exact price, and an immediate match will be made. If you have other pricing in mind, you can offer your credits for the pricing of your preference. As soon as a credit buyer offers your preferred price on the platform, a match will be made automatically.

By applying this pricing method, you always have the option of letting your credit price be determined by supply and demand or determine your own prices. The price received for your credits will determine the premium you earn for producing certified sustainable palm oil .

For more information and the latest market price data, please view the PalmTrace market place page.

Step By Step

A step-by-step guide for selling credits.


Off Market Deals

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I am an Independent Smallholder

How to make deals as an independent smallholder.