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Conversion, Claims & Fees

Offsetting your palm oil usage, hot to use credits for claims and PalmTrace fees


If you are buying credits to account for your palm (kernel) oil usage, you can communicate your efforts for a more sustainable palm (kernel) oil market by claiming these efforts on- and off product. Claims can be made anywhere – in store, on pack, in marketing materials – provided that they abide by the rules below.

Messaging ALLOWED in storytelling in product-related communications includes:

  • Supports the production of certified sustainable palm (kernel) oil
  • Supporting certified sustainable palm (kernel) oil

Messaging NOT ALLOWED in storytelling in product-related communications:

  • Anything that can lead consumers to believe that the product contains sustainable oil palm products. Retailers of branded products, with the manufacturer’s written permission, can claim their support off product. Retailers of own label products, who may have purchased the credits for themselves or asked their manufacturer to do so on their behalf, can make both on and off product claims.

For On-product Claims:

  • Must use the RSPO label with the tag CREDITS
  • Must display the trademark license number
  • 100% of the oil palm based ingredients must be covered by RSPO Credits or physical certified material.

1 + 1 =2

Once you have decided to offset your used palm oil by purchasing RSPO Credits, it is time to do the math. Each credit stands for a tonne of certified palm (kernel) oil. Some example calculations on how you could cover for palm oil usage are visible in the calculations below.

Offsetting total palm oil usage

Offsetting palm oil derivatives

Offsetting products sold in store

Step By Step

A step-by-step guide to credit trading.


Special Deals

Information on off-market deals and supporting independent smallholders.


Checks and Audits

Read more on if and how your company will be audited for using PalmTrace credits.