Supply Chain Traceability Working Group

The Supply Chain Traceability Working Group (SCTWG) under the Market Development Standing Committee (MDSC) is designed to encourage members to address complex and difficult challenges and work towards developing solutions for the uptake of certified sustainable palm oil. As a multi stakeholder, participatory group that works on the basis of consensus, all members feed into the decision-making process.

The objective of the SCTWG is to provide guidance to the Secretariat on optimising the supply chain for uptake of CSPO and traceability requirements via the Terms of Reference (ToR) and work programmes of the MDSC.

Scope of Work

The SCTWG has the primary focus on:

  • Supply Chain Certification Standard guidance and revision;
  • Explanation and revision of Supply Chain Certification Models to RSPO Members;
  • Reporting uptake including data quality assurance;
  • Jurisdictional approach;
  • PalmTrace developments;
  • Dual certification;
  • Support the Shared Responsibility Working Group in case implementation requires changes in the Supply Chain Certification Standard;
  • Oleochemicals and Palm Kernel Oil supply and sales (Oleo Task Force).

The Working Group can undertake specific assignments within its areas of responsibility or may take responsibility that is assigned to them for Working Groups or Task Forces created by a Board of Governors (BoG) decision or a General Assembly decision or resolution.

Unless otherwise specified, the mandate of all Working Groups shall be up to two (2) years, at which time it shall be reviewed by the MDSC.

Once the MDSC has formed or assigned responsibility for a Working Group or Task Force, it shall define its terms of reference (using the generic procedures except where there is a valid need to vary them). The MDSC shall also appoint the Chair or Co-Chairs of the Working Group or Task Force, and shall instruct the Working Group on its reporting requirements (including frequency and content).


Oil Palm Grower
Robbert Kessels, Sipef
Oil Palm Grower
Mark Wong, Sime Darby Plantation
Palm Oil Processor and/or Trader
Helen Scholey, Shell
Palm Oil Processor and/or Trader
Daphne Hameeteman, Wilmar
Palm Oil Processor and/or Trader
Sietse Buisman, Cargill
Palm Oil Processor and/or Trader
Rina Rahayu, IOI
Environmental NGO
Angga Prathama Putra, WWF
Consumer Goods Manufacturer
Aitor Gamen, Coty Inc
Magdalena Pinczakowska, IKEA
Theresa Jentsch, ALDI Einkauf SE & Co. oHG
Financial Institution
Martin Van Vaals, Rabobank
Financial Institution
Evangeline Tan, Rabobank
Social NGO
Stephania Rivera, Solidaridad
Chair Position
Vacant (currently filled in by the RSPO Secretariat)
RSPO Secretariat Lead
Inke van der Sluijs, Director, Market Transformation

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