ⓘ The Task Force is currently inactive

Oleo Task Force

The RSPO Secretariat was requested to revive the Task Force on oleochemicals and derivatives (herein called Oleo Task Force) in light of the severe tightness in the CSPKO, oleochemicals and their derivatives market. Recent analyses of the Annual Communication of Progress (ACOP) reports and the market data in PalmTrace shows clear evidence of a close match between supply and demand of CSPKO. In light of Shared Responsibility, we see that downstream RSPO Members face difficulties achieving their uptake targets for CSPKO. With the risk of losing momentum, the Oleo Task Force is asked to describe the challenges and come up with an action plan to address these.

Palm (PO) and palm kernel oil (PKO) based oleochemicals and their downstream derivatives are an important demand element with a strong relevance in end consumer product supply chains. The initial focus of RSPO was rightly on the food market applications and given the maturity of knowledge on supply chain mechanisms, the task force must also include relevant and appropriate supply chain issues in the application of oleochemicals and their derivatives. This is to ensure there are no barriers in the supply chain to maximise uptake and market transformation to certified sustainable products.

The Oleo Task Force shall be responsible to review supply chain issues specific to CSPKO and its derivatives and propose solutions to the Supply Chain Traceability Working Group and Market Development Standing Committee. The scope shall cover the interest of the entire downstream supply chain but explicitly exclude biodiesel.


Agathe Laville
Barry Callebaut
Processors and/or Traders
Alexandre Rossi
Barry Callebaut
Processors and/or Traders
Choong Wai Tuck
IOI Oleochemical Ind.
Processors and/or Traders
Girish Deshpande
Consumer Goods Manufacturer
Harshal Thakare
Galaxy Surfactants
Processors and/or Traders
Helen Scholey
Processors and/or Traders
Jessica Wettstein
Barry Callebaut (Representative)
Processors and/or Traders
Joshua Lim
Wilmar Trading
Processors and/or Traders
Marieke Leegwater
Mark Wong
Sime Darby Oils
Processors and/or Traders
Martin Huxtable
Processors and/or Traders
Peter Becker
Processors and/or Traders
Rafael Milantonio
Natura & Co (LATAM)
Consumer Goods Manufacturer
Rina Rahayu
IOI Group
Processors and/or Traders
Robert Kessels
Sipef Group
Palm Oil Growers
Sietse Buisman
Processors and/or Traders
Teun Eigenraam
IOI Group
Processors and/or Traders
Tobias Zobel
Processors and/or Traders

RSPO Secretariat

Inke van der Sluijs
Director, Market Transformation
Christine Joan
Senior Administration Executive, Market Transformation
Divya Bajpai
Manager, Assurance (Europe)
Hanib Bin Libon
Senior Executive, Supply Chain
Nur Amanina Bt Zahir
Senior Executive, Supply Chain
Muhammad Shazaley Abdullah
Head of Certification
Mohd Shafiqul Syaznil
Data Analyst, Certification
Ruzita Abd Gani
Manager, Supply Chain
Yen Hun Sung
Head of Impacts & Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MEL)

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