Expert Group for the development of a simplified FPIC for Independent Smallholders

Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC) has been a central requirement of the RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) since it was adopted in 2005. Respect for the right to FPIC is designed to ensure that RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil comes from areas without land conflicts or ‘land grabs’. In 2015, the RSPO Board of Governors adopted the FPIC Guide for members, which provides advice on how to implement the binding elements of the RSPO standard (the Principles, Criteria and Indicators) pertinent to FPIC.

Although the FPIC Guide is tailored to provide guidance for all RSPO stakeholders, there is a challenge in the implementation of the FPIC process for smallholders, as the current requirements will increase their compliance costs and efforts since there are no specific requirements that reflect the local context of smallholders. As such, the development of a new guidance is required to provide independent smallholders with a simplified approach to the implementation of FPIC (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Simplified FPIC Guide for ISH’) in alignment with the RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard..

Therefore, this Expert Group has been established to oversee the development of the Simplified FPIC Guide for ISH, whilst ensuring the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. The Simplified FPIC Guide for ISH will support group managers of Independent Smallholder groups in implementing the FPIC procedure on existing farms and new planting, in line with the RSPO ISH Standard.


Substantive Members
Alternate Members
Smallholder representative
Ahmadou Cisse (Solidaridad West Africa)

Mohamed Kamara (Planting Naturals (Africa))

Sharyn Shufiyan (Wild Asia)

Hendi Hidayat (Sinarmas Agri)

Daniel Uricoechea (Extractora Sicarare S.A.S)
Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

Not Available
Social NGO
Madeleine Brasser (Oxfam Novib)

Marcus Colchester (Forest Peoples Programme)
Not Available

Not Available

RSPO Secretariat

Krishna Jeyabalan
Senior Executive, Smallholder Certification Programme
Prasad Vijaya Segaran
Senior Executive, Human Rights and Social Standards

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