Market Development Standing Committee

In 2018, RSPO Board of Governors (BoG) endorsed the RSPO Theory of Change (ToC) with the overall vision of making sustainable palm oil the norm.

In March 2019, the RSPO BoG subsequently endorsed the RSPO Governance Review for ‘Reorganisation of Standing Committees, Task Forces and Working Groups’. The Market Development Standing Committee was established to provide the direction and contribute to the RSPO Standard settings, which may include, but not limited to, the development and/or revision of normative and relevant guidance documents for RSPO Members.


  • Demand generation, commitment, and uptake;
  • Shared responsibility for aligning supply and demand;
  • Engagement of the supporting sustainable palm oil sector;
  • Traceability of the palm oil supply chain;
  • Trademark and Communication Rules;
  • Marketing Communications;
  • Regional Market Development – with a focus on Asia/Pacific, Europe, and the Americas;
  • Supporting the Annual Communication on Progress (ACOP) reporting process, particularly as it relates to the data requirements for the ACOP and communication of the results.


* final structure to be determined

Members – Organisation Listing

Membership Sector
Eddy Esselink (Co-Chair)
MVO – The Netherlands Oils and Fats Industry
Processor / Trader
Ian Suwarganda​ (Co-Chair)
Golden Agri-Resources
Oil Palm Grower (Indonesia)
Anne-Laure Faure
WWF International
Environmental NGO
Caroline Westerik-Sikking
AAK Netherlands B.V.
Processor / Trader
Franka Lakeman
Ahold Delhaize
Harjinder Kler
Environmental NGO
Jose Roberto Montenegro
Oil Palm Grower (RoW)
Julian Walker-Palin
Retailers Palm Oil Group
Marieke Leegwater
Social NGO
Rafael Milantonio
Natura & Co (LATAM)
Razuwan bin Che Rose
Oil Palm Grower (Malaysia)
Dr. Surina Ismail
Oil Palm Grower (Malaysia)
Tom Hersbach
Planting Naturals
Oil Palm Grower
Tracey Gazibara
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Environmental NGO

RSPO Secretariat

Inke Van Der Sluijs
Director, Market Transformation

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