Indonesia’s largest national supermarket chain Super Indo has officially launched its latest eco-labelled product, Palm Cooking Oil 365, featuring the RSPO Trademark. The new cooking oil offers a sustainable way of cooking and represents Super Indo’s business commitment as an RSPO member to adhere to environmentally and socially responsible principles in product development. 

The launch follows three years of engagement and collaboration with WWF Indonesia and was promoted with the theme, “A New Way of Cooking: 365 Days with Sustainable Palm Oil” — entreating consumers to use certified palm oil all year round.

"We very much welcome the launch of the Ecolabel 365 Palm Cooking Oil by Super Indo in the Indonesian market,” said Tiur Rumondang, RSPO Director of Assurance and Acting Head of Indonesia Operations. “Achieving RSPO’s vision of making sustainable palm oil the norm only counts on the proactive efforts of all palm oil supply chain actors to collaborate in transforming the market.”

“I am very pleased to see sustainability embedded in our culture, operations and services,” expressed Super Indo CEO Johan Boeijenga. “Super Indo now offers Brand 365 palm cooking oil which already has two sustainability certifications both nationally and globally, ISPO and RSPO. This certification is a manifestation of our commitment to contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts and to comply with legal requirements.”

The launch of Palm Cooking Oil 365 was attended by representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and the Vice President of PT Lion Super Indo, Melanie Dharmosetio. Rr. Dyah Palupi, Director of Standardisation and Quality Control of the Ministry of Trade expressed hopes that the 365 eco-labelled Palm Cooking Oil products would provide wise choices for the community in using sustainable products to help preserve the environment. 

Pioneering efforts in Indonesian market

RSPO lauds the commitment of members in Indonesia such as Super Indo in pioneering efforts to provide eco-labelled products in the Indonesian market. It is a welcome response to rising public demand for sustainable products among Indonesian consumers — this was recently reflected in a 2020 survey conducted by MarkPlus that revealed as many as 82% of survey respondents who expressed willingness to switch their daily palm oil-based products with products that use sustainable palm oil wherever an option is available. Despite this eagerness, the use of eco labels on products in the Indonesian market remains very limited.

Consumers switching to sustainable palm oil will support global efforts to protect rainforests and safeguard fragile biodiversity, as well as help create fair socio-economic conditions in the global palm oil supply chain.

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