Zoetermeer, Netherlands, 24 May 2022: RSPO is pleased to announce that the RSPO Trademark has been ranked among the top 12 food ecolabels in Keurmerkwijzer, a label quality guide that provides information on sustainability labels in the Dutch market. The RSPO Trademark is a globally recognised ecolabel that signals the use of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. Independent information organisation Milieu Centraal announced these top 12 food ecolabels to help consumers shop more sustainably.

Following a review of food product sustainability claims, the RSPO Trademark was recognised among global ecolabels that can be found in Dutch supermarkets as the best ecolabel for certified sustainable palm oil. With palm oil as an ingredient in more than 50% of supermarket products, companies can empower consumers to make more informed choices when they shop by using RSPO certified sustainable palm oil and displaying the RSPO Trademark.

“We are proud to be recognised by Milieu Centraal as a top food ecolabel,” said Dr Inke van der Sluijs, Global Director of Market Transformation at RSPO. “I hope that this encourages RSPO member companies to communicate more about using RSPO certified sustainable palm oil and to use on-pack labels. This will help more consumers make an informed choice, and in turn, support the protection of the environment and respect workers and communities in palm oil producing countries.”

Despite an increasing number of consumers (30%) asking critical questions about the environmental and social impact of ingredients, they often do not know what the ecolabels on their food mean and which claims on product packaging can be trusted.

“The Keurmerkenwijzer shows consumers the agro-commodities that are certified by the ecolabels. The most reliable and ambitious ecolabels receive the designation 'top quality label'," said Paulien van der Geest, sustainable food expert at Milieu Centraal.

The 12 top quality marks according to Milieu Centraal are: ASC, Better Life Label (2 and 3 stars), Climate Neutral Certified, Demeter, ECO, EU Organic, Fairtrade, MSC, On The Way To PlanetProof, Rainforest Alliance (including UTZ), RSPO, and Sustainable Rice Platform.

All RSPO members can apply for a licence to use the RSPO Trademark. For more information and to download the Trademark User Guide, click here.

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