A global partnership to make palm oil sustainable

As a global partnership of 20 years, we celebrate your unwavering commitment to make palm oil sustainable. We look forward to continuously impacting the landscape of this industry, for the next 20.

RSPO Milestones

From Vision to Reality

We’re taking a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared together. From the very beginning, our mission to make palm oil sustainable has been powered by the dedication of our members and smallholders.

Together, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones that have reshaped the palm oil industry for the better. From fostering strong partnerships to driving innovation, every step forward has been a testament to our collective commitment to sustainability.

Join us on a reflective journey over the next month as we celebrate our achievements, only made possible through our partnerships and set the stage for another two decades (and more) of sustainable growth and impacts.

Unlocking a Global Standard

It all began with a vision – a vision to transform the palm oil industry sustainably. In 2007, when RSPO launched the Certification System, it accelerated positive change, reshaping the landscape of palm oil production.

With a focus on empowering smallholders, fostering sustainable practices and protecting the ecosystem, this system laid the groundwork for inclusivity and progress, covering the most significant environmental and social impacts of palm oil production and the immediate inputs to production, such as seed, chemicals and water, and social impacts related to on-farm labour and community relations.

Rotterdam Receives First Palm Oil Shipment

In November 2008, a new chapter in sustainability began with the arrival of the first shipment of RSPO Certified palm oil on European shores. This marked a critical first step in transforming the palm oil industry by providing certified sustainable oil to European processors and consumers.

At an event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, representatives from the RSPO, Oxfam, Sime Darby, AAK, Unilever, and Sainsbury’s gathered to commemorate this pivotal moment and educate people about the stringent standards required for RSPO Certification. This inaugural delivery demonstrated that sustainable, environmentally-responsible palm oil production was achievable and accessible for companies of all sizes.

The Stamp of Sustainable Palm

Since its launch in 2011, the RSPO Trademark has expanded from 12 to 82 countries and territories and the RSPO Label graces over 600 consumer products. It has become a symbol cherished by Supply Chain Associates and everyday manufacturers, reflecting the growing demand from niche producers and conscious consumers.

​​The rapid increase of the RSPO Trademark usage globally demonstrates the strong commitment of many organisations towards transparency and more sustainable practices.

Credibility Unlocked!

Did you know that RSPO is a full member of the prestigious ISEAL Alliance? Just two years after joining as an associate member in 2013, we achieved this major milestone, speaking volumes about RSPO’s unwavering commitment to maintain credible and effective operational standards.

After years of dedication and rigorous assessments, our dedication to social and environmental responsibility has been validated on a global stage. We firmly believe that being an ISEAL full member scales up our impacts in our vision of transforming markets to make palm oil sustainable.

Empowering Smallholders

From groundbreaking beginnings in Thailand to monumental milestones in Indonesia, the RSPO Smallholders Support Fund (RSSF) and Certifications have been a beacon of empowerment for smallholders worldwide.

Yet RSPO’s mission goes beyond just numbers and hectares. We’re driven by a profound commitment to transform the lives of smallholder farmers while safeguarding and protecting the planet’s precious resources. Through our innovative programmes and the RSSF, we equip dedicated farmers  with the knowledge and skills to embrace sustainable agricultural practices on their farms.

Strengthening of Standards

Ensuring accountability since 2009! Since launching 15 years ago, our Complaints System has been the monitoring mechanism ensuring RSPO Members play by the rules with transparency and accountability. This safeguards integrity across the entire certification process.

But we go beyond just policing – we innovate. By introducing the Theory of Change, we created a holistic framework that balances the needs of People, Planet and Prosperity, by adhering to strategic principles and roles. This framework guides industry-wide progress towards truly sustainable practices in the palm oil industry.


Recognising Excellence

At the 17th Annual Roundtable Conference (RT) in Thailand, the inaugural RSPO Excellence Awards shone a spotlight on the trailblazers redefining what it means to be a responsible palm oil player.

From championing workers’ rights to restoring ecosystems and uplifting communities, these awards celebrated the unsung heroes who are disrupting the status quo and paving the way for a sustainable tomorrow.

Their inspiring work reminds us that sustainable palm oil is not just a goal, but a reality we can collectively create. One we strive to emphasise through spotlighting unsung heroes in each edition of RT.

Sustainable Dialogues Worldwide

From Cartagena to China, the RSPO’s global conferences unite thought leaders, experts, and policymakers in the palm oil space to exchange diverse perspectives and innovative ideas on business sustainability, transcending borders and fostering cross-cultural dialogues.

Through insightful discussions, case studies, and knowledge-sharing, these conferences empower attendees with the tools and strategies necessary to embed sustainability into their business operations, aiming to drive positive change and promote responsible practices within the palm oil industry and beyond.

PRISMA: The Future of Palm Oil Traceability

This year marks a significant leap forward as the RSPO Certification, Trade and Traceability System (CTTS) evolves into PRISMA, an innovative digital platform. Aptly named from “Palm Resource Information and Sustainability Management,” this platform promises to revolutionise trade practices and regulatory compliance across the palm oil industry.

As a platform that converges RSPO stakeholders in a single point of collaboration, it organises information and optimises efficiency, enhancing alignment and accountability. The focus on standardisation of audit reports within Prisma’s certification module enables better data analytics, improving adherence to the RSPO Standards to overall provide a dynamic and responsive framework to adapt to the evolving  global sustainability landscape.

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