The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has reached a new milestone in Latin America as certified growers and producers in the region hit two million tonnes of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO), representing one-third of the region’s total palm oil production. 

This landmark achievement, coming just four years after the region reached one million tonnes of CSPO in 2019, reflects the consolidated efforts among certified growers and producers in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Peru, covering a total of 656,000 hectares of certified land. 

Collective achievement

This achievement reinforces Latin America’s leadership in sustainable palm oil production. Among all palm oil producing regions, Latin America has demonstrated the highest level of RSPO Certification, and remains the world’s fastest growing region in terms of certification, including among smallholder groups. 

In the past two years, smallholder groups in Colombia and Mexico obtained RSPO certification, while a smallholder group in Peru recently became the country’s first RSPO Members, all of which signal a strong understanding  of the importance and benefits of responsible agricultural production that ultimately leads to RSPO Certification. 

“Latin America’s latest milestone shows how the region continues to amplify its role as sustainability leaders, showing the world how strong partnerships and an openness to innovation can move the needle,” expressed RSPO Chief Executive Officer, Joseph D’Cruz. “I urge the region to continue to lead by example by demonstrating how sustainably produced palm oil provides a viable solution addressing critical global challenges such as food security and climate change.”

The collective efforts of the RSPO’s 200-strong member base in Latin America has contributed towards reaching this 2 million MT milestone, just a few months before RSPO celebrates its 20th anniversary in April 2024.

Ensuring the wellbeing of the planet and people

RSPO Certification is critical to promoting sustainable palm oil production practices that protect fragile ecosystems, halt deforestation and preserve biodiversity, while ensuring the wellbeing and protection of workers and Indigenous and local communities around where oil palm is grown.

Beyond delivering environmental and social impacts, growers have reaped the benefits of RSPO Certification, from market access and premium prices to higher profitability, minimised risks, stronger reputation and better inclusion of smallholders.

In turn, amidst a time when a growing number of consumers are demanding sustainable and ethically-sourced products, companies who source and promote CSPO demonstrate they are taking action for environmental and social sustainability, leading to customer loyalty, increased sales and an enhanced brand image. Coupled with increasingly stringent regulatory frameworks to ensure that commodities are deforestation-free, sourcing CSPO helps reduce risks and potential trade barriers.

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