In July 2017, the RSPO BoG endorsed the RSPO Smallholder Strategy, which outlined the goals and objectives to deliver meaningful transformation towards smallholders’ inclusion into the RSPO System. The following March 2019, the RSPO BoG subsequently endorsed the RSPO Governance Review for ‘Reorganisation of Standing Committees, Task Forces and Working Groups’, in which the Smallholder Standing Committee was established.

One of the key responsibilities of the Smallholder Standing Committee is to make informed decisions throughout the implementation of the Smallholder Strategy. It is crucial to ensure that the guiding principles are respected in the decision-making process, maintaining the integrity and purpose of the strategy.

Further roles and responsibilities of the Smallholder Standing Committee (SHSC) can be referred to here.

In terms of representation, the SHSC consists of 17 substantive seats and 15 alternate seats. Currently, 13 substantive and 7 alternate seats are represented, listed here. There are several vacant positions that need to be filled immediately as listed in the table below.

Against this backdrop, this is a call to invite nominations of individuals among RSPO Members with a passion for promoting sustainable palm oil production and supporting smallholders to join the committee and contribute to its mission.

List of vacant seats in SHSC
SubstantiveGrower (Malaysia)
SubstantiveSocial NGO
SubstantiveSmallholder Representative (Thailand)
AlternateGrower (Malaysia)
AlternateGrower (Rest of the World)
AlternateSocial NGO
AlternateBank/Financial Institution
AlternateSmallholder Representative (Africa)
AlternateSmallholder Representative (Latin America)
AlternateSmallholder Representative (Papua New Guinea)
AlternateSmallholder Representative (Thailand)

We believe that the Smallholder Standing Committee plays a pivotal role in driving positive change, empowering smallholders, and ensuring the sustainable development of the palm oil industry. Working together, we can make a significant positive impact on the lives and livelihoods of smallholders and the environment.

Please submit your nominations to [email protected]

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