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I am a smallholder who has not achieved RSPO Certification yet. Can I still get support?

Yes! As a smallholder, you can get support through: 

How do I know if I am an independent smallholder or a scheme smallholder?

You are an independent smallholder if you meet this criteria:

  • The total size of your palm oil production area is less than or equal to 50 hectares (ha) if no threshold is defined in a National Interpretation (NI) or less than or equal to the maximum size defined in a NI (e.g. for Indonesia the maximum size is 25 ha or below and for Ecuador it is 75 ha or below).
  • you have the enforceable decision-making power of the operation of the land and production practices.
  • You have the freedom to choose how you use the land, type of crops to plant, as well as how to organise, manage and finance the land
  • Meet any further criteria relative to the applicability of this standard as provided in the NI of their country.

You are a scheme smallholder if you meet this criteria:

  • The enforceable decision-making power on the operation of the land and production practices; and/or
  • The freedom to choose how they utilise their land, types of crops to plant, and how they manage them (how they organise, manage and finance the land) (source : RSPO P&C 2018);
  • Smallholders that may be structurally bound by contract, credit agreement or by planning to a particular mill, but the association is not necessarily limited to such linkages. Other terms commonly used for schema smallholders include associated and/or plasma smallholders (source : RSPO Certification System for P&C 2017).

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