Singapore Zoo hosts Mandai Wildlife Group’s educational campaign to teach children about protecting rainforest ecosystems and how responsible consumer choices help fight deforestation.

A day at the zoo. Kids learning about wildlife protection at the Singapore Zoo.

It’s never too early to start caring about the Earth’s forests. Mandai Wildlife Group (MWG) launched a month-long campaign last March at the Singapore Zoo, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the rainforest ecosystem and the role of responsible consumer choices in fighting deforestation.  The campaign centred around educating zoo visitors, particularly children, on the importance of supporting certifications that prevent deforestation. It highlighted the value of choosing products made with RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil to help protect rainforests, making a positive impact on the environment. 

Meet the chimpanzees. Nini, Jengo, Gangga and Togo are resident primates at the Singapore Zoo

Children engaged in fun and interactive activities designed to familiarise them with the RSPO Trademark, encouraging them and their families to look out for the logo when purchasing products containing palm oil. Additional activities introduced participants to shade-grown coffee, helping them understand how consumers’ choices can help to protect rainforests and their inhabitants such as orangutans and gibbons.

“Children are naturally curious and adept learners and we believe in the importance of instilling love and respect for flora and fauna from a young age, so that this empathy towards nature will be carried well into adulthood,” said May Lok, Vice President, Education, Mandai Wildlife Group. 

“Children typically approach subjects with an open mind, unencumbered by preconceived notions about the world, which makes them particularly receptive to learning about environmental conservation. Parents are often inspired by their children too, so kids can play a significant role in influencing their families to embrace sustainable practices.” 

Linking sustainable palm oil with conservation

Guests at the zoo learned about how choosing products made with RSPO Certified palm oil protected wildlife, raising awareness about the connection between sustainable palm oil and conservation.

Following the sustainability trail.

“For many guests, the campaign activities were their first encounter with the RSPO Trademark, which sparked curiosity and prompted them to ask questions,” shared Lok. “After finding out more about the logo, they were intrigued by the prospect of taking a novel action to protect rainforests and the wildlife in it. Many also expressed surprise at the extensive use of palm oil in various products, and pledged to seek out the RSPO Trademark on future shopping trips.”

MWG is one of RSPO’s Affiliate Members and a member of WWF’s Palm Oil initiative, the Singapore Association of Sustainable Palm Oil (SASPO), which RSPO works closely with. MWG is the steward of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, a destination home to Singapore’s four wildlife parks – Singapore Zoo, River Wonders, Night Safari and Bird Paradise. The Fighting Deforestation campaign is one of several sustainability-themed initiatives and activities introduced by MWG to actively involve individuals.  Through interactive experiences such as campaigns, workshops, tours and presentations, the MWG team seeks to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of biodiversity, ultimately inspiring conservation action among visitors.

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