The Remediation and Compensation Procedure (RaCP) requires RSPO members who own and/or manage oil palm plantations (including associated & schemed smallholders, and all other exclusively contracted out growers of fresh fruit bunches) to disclose any land clearance without prior HCV assessment since Nov 2005.

RSPO members who have disclosed such clearance are required to conduct the Land Use Change Analysis (LUCA) in order to calculate the Final Conservation Liability (FCL).

The original deadline to submit the LUCA was on 31st September 2014, which was set during the one year staged implementation period. Both the LUCA deadline and staged implementation period have passed. To date, 22 companies have submitted complete LUCAs, 14 companies have submitted incomplete LUCAs and 16 companies have yet to submit any LUCAs.

The Biodiversity and High Conservation Values Working Group (BHCV WG) has recommended the following actions against LUCA non-submitters:

  1. Companies which have submitted incomplete LUCAs shall submit the full analysis by 31 December 2015 to the RSPO. Failure to submit the full analysis would result in RSPO treating all land clearance as coefficient 1.0.
  2. Companies which have not submitted LUCAs shall submit the full analysis by 31 December 2015 to the RSPO. Companies that fail to submit the full analysis by the said deadline will be recommended for complaints.

Below are the list of companies that have submitted incomplete LUCAs to the RSPO:

Company membership category country of operation
First Lamandau Timber Int. Oil Palm Growers Indonesia
Genting Plantations Oil Palm Growers Malaysia
Golden Agri Resources  Oil Palm Growers Indonesia
Grupo Jaremer Oil Palm Growers Honduras
Innoprise Plantation Berhad Oil Palm Growers Malaysia
Naturaceites Oil Palm Growers Guatemala
Palmeros del Aguan Oil Palm Growers Honduras
PT Cipta Usaha Sejati Oil Palm Growers Indonesia
PT Gawi Bahandep Sawit Mekar Oil Palm Growers Indonesia
PT Salim Ivomas Tunggal Oil Palm Growers Indonesia
SIAT SA Oil Palm Growers Nigeria
TSH Resources Berhad Oil Palm Growers Malaysia
Twifo Oil Palm Plantation Oil Palm Growers Ghana


Below are the list of companies that have not submitted any LUCAs to the RSPO*:

Company membership category country of operation
Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Processors and Traders Brazil
Agroaceite Oil Palm Growers Guatemala
Agrocaribe Oil Palm Growers Guatemala
Ciecopalma Processors and Traders Ecuador
Dekel Oil Oil Palm Growers Côte d'ivoire
Extractora el Roble Oil Palm Growers Colombia
Global Palm Resources Oil Palm Growers Indonesia
Hacienda la Cabana Oil Palm Growers Colombia
Hondupalma Oil Palm Growers Honduras
IJM Plantations Oil Palm Growers Indonesia
Industrias Ales C.A. Oil Palm Growers Honduras
La Fabril Oil Palm Growers Ecuador
Palmaceite & Aceites S.A. Oil Palm Growers Colombia
PT BW Plantations Tbk Oil Palm Growers Indonesia
PT Dharma Nusantara Oil Palm Growers Indonesia
Santa Rosa Oil Palm Growers Guatemala
Sociedad Industrial Dominicana Processor  and Traders Republica Dominicana


*Non-submitters shall refer to the revised procedure when conducting the LUCA and calculating the FCL.



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