Sierra Leonean Smallholders Report Up to Fivefold FFB Increase Since Certification

Sierra Leonean smallholders of the Ngoyaï Gbaayegie Group, the first in Africa to receive RSPO Certification. Photo credit: Michael Anao (VOI Concepts) A dusty red road diverges from Sierra Leone´s main highway. Hours of driving across rural landscapes has revealed the country´s wild beauty – a spell of white sand coastlines, verdant forests, and distant […]

First Colombian Smallholders Receive RSPO Certification

The Entrepalmeros are the first smallholder group to be RSPO Certified in Colombia. Cultivando sostenibilidad, cosechando futuro (“Cultivating sustainability, harvesting the future”) – the slogan of the Colombian smallholder group, Unión Temporal Entrepalmeros, has come to life as they became the very first independent smallholders in the country to obtain RSPO certification.  In March 2023, […]

First Independent Smallholder Group in Aceh, Indonesia achieves RSPO and ISPO certification

The first independent smallholder group in Aceh Province, Indonesia has successfully obtained RSPO and ISPO certification. In November 2022, nearly 400 members of the PESATRI (Perkumpulan Pekebun Sawit Tenggulun Lestari) smallholders group achieved certification through a landscape-based programme initiated by IDH and its partners PepsiCo and Unilever, and implemented by local NGO FKL (Leuser Conservation […]

Ecuador’s Grupo Danec Commits to Zero Deforestation, Zero Child Labour

Largest Ecuadorian palm oil group signs a public commitment to protect its forests and empower its youth. In February 2023, Grupo Danec signed a public commitment to “Zero Deforestation and Zero Child Labour” to align with Ecuador’s sustainable development and the UN SDGs. During a public signing event, the company firmly committed to carrying out […]

RSPO and IDH Announce Four New Endorsers of Sustainable Palm Oil Dialogue (SPOD) Manifesto

Following an in-depth thematic discussion on smallholders inclusion and landscape approaches,  four new endorsers of the SPOD Manifesto have been announced, calling for consumer goods manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers to strengthen responsible production and consumption of palm oil. Four new organisations have endorsed the Sustainable Palm Oil Dialogue (SPOD) Manifesto, which was launched during the […]

A Closer Look at the Unseen World – Exploring Wild Asia’s Regenerative Farming Programme

It may look like a harmless pileup of dried leaves on an oil palm frond, but it is actually a destructive force in disguise. The bagworm – a voracious, leaf-eating caterpillar ensconced within tiny leaves and twigs resembling a bag – is the most dominant pest affecting oil palms in Malaysia. A bagworm infestation can […]

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