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Talking about your support for Sustainable
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Why speak to your stakeholders about sustainable palm oil?

Sustainable palm oil production addresses one of the world’s biggest environmental challenges; deforestation and forest degradation. Equally, sustainable palm oil production aims to address social issues, including improving smallholders’ livelihoods and protecting the rights of workers, and indigenous and local communities.

Being part of an organisation that is making this tremendous impact on people, the planet and prosperity is something to be proud of. Demonstrate your commitment and progress to advancing ESG goals by proactively communicating about your choice to produce, source and or support sustainable palm oil. 

5 Ways you can communicate your support

Communicate about your membership

RSPO Members can make corporate communications or ‘non-product related’ claims about their membership and commitment to the objectives and principles of the RSPO. You can communicate this on your website and social media channels and may even direct readers to your RSPO Member profile page where they can learn more about your actions and progress.



On pack claims

The RSPO Label lets consumers know that they are supporting sustainable farming practices. Members who have an RSPO Trademark licence can use the RSPO Label on products. Additionally, you can communicate about your sustainably sourced products on your website, in-store branding or other communication materials.

More information and suggested messaging for on-pack communications can be found in the 2022 RSPO Rules on Market Communications and Claims


Avoid ‘Palm Oil Free’ claims

‘Palm Oil Free’ claims do not present enough information to help consumers make an informed, ethical purchase decision. Such claims can also hurt the long-term viability of the entire sustainable palm oil supply chain since it suggests a boycott of palm oil products. RSPO Members can have a greater influence by educating consumers on the positive impacts of certified sustainable palm oil and why this is the only alternative to conventional palm oil. 


Publicise your targets

Transparency is key to delivering on sustainability. Disclose your company’s sustainability goals, connect how sustainable palm oil contributes to this, and talk about how your Shared Responsibility requirements and policies (if applicable) are helping to make palm oil sustainable. 


Share your actions and progress

Stakeholders do not only want to hear commitments, they want to see the actions that companies are making and the progress they have achieved. Make the information from your RSPO Annual Communication of Progress report available on your company website. Reference your progress to 100% certified sustainable palm oil in your corporate annual reports and or sustainability reports.


Get Involved

Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, you can join the global partnership to make palm oil sustainable.

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