Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Swadaya Mandiri

About the group

Number of smallholders: 86 = 81(M), 5 (W)

Preserved Area: 150.93 Ha

Total Area: 150.93 Ha

On-going Facilitator: Sarjan Alatas of WWF

Location of project: Sungai Buluh Village, Sub-District of Singingi Hilir, Kuantan Singingi District,

Country: Indonesia

Province: Riau Province


Sustainable practices help farmers to become more efficient in managing farms

Two years ago, an association of oil palm smallholders named Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Swadaya Mandiri was awarded sustainability certification. Located in the village of Sungai Buluh in the Riau Province of Indonesia, the Association had invested in long periods of training and preparation with participating farmers. Over time, the organisation saw positive results including better financial returns.

Junaedi, who served as Group Manager of the Association, said that management also supplied several packages to impoverished members of the community. “Although it may not be much, we simply want to share our happiness with others,” he said. 

The Swadaya Mandiri Oil Palm Smallholder Association consisted of several smallholder groups. It operated 150.93 hectares of palm oil plantations, each of which were independently cultivated by the members. The Association gained RSPO certification in September 2019, almost five years since the certification was first introduced to the village by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

According to Junaedi, their smallholders now understood best practices, such as how to maintain cultivation both during and after the transition to sustainability. The production had improved in terms of quality and quantity, and members were equipped with other best practices in areas such as harvest and pest control. “Our client farmers now understand how to manage chemicals safely, especially with respect to maintaining the natural condition of plantation areas.”

Junaedi noted that by having the organization apply RSPO principles, members of the association have saved costs due to greater efficiency. “Fertilisation has also been conducted through much better methods by utilising exact doses and measurements. When the time came for production, the farmers produced palm oil both in better quantity and quality.”

Furthermore, smallholders started practicing safety measures more consistently, such as wearing boots and helmets when necessary. 

“Thanks to our initiative, other smallholders outside of our group have started to apply the same methods taught to our members. For instance, non-members have applied techniques suited for different slope levels, therefore preventing erosion in the area. This is incredible progress for our village.”

The Association had also established measures in waste management. For example, community members have begun separating organic and non-organic waste. “While we have always cared about the environment, this initiative has allowed us to engage in proper sustainable practices.”

“The Association would like to expand its reach to educate more farmers. While we expect to see between 250 and 300 new members by next year, we hope all communities in the village will apply sustainable practices. Using these practices, farmers can produce higher quality palm oil while protecting our environment,” he said.

Project Impact

Total area covered by the project
150.93 Ha

Number of smallholders benefitting from this project

Number/percentage of women supported by this project
5.81% women in this project

How you can support

The group members are in their second year of being certified, and they need assistance from third parties to maintain their livelihoods while upholding sustainable practices on their plantations. Their efforts should be valued by downstream players such as Consumer Good Manufacturers and retailers.

Please show your support by purchasing RSPO Smallholders Credits. With your help, the group will be able to scale up efforts and train more farmers.  


Group Manager
(+62) 823-8701-4323
[email protected]

(+62) 812-7089-5250
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