At the recent 9th RSSF Panel meeting, a decision was made to set aside an allocation to support HCV assessment on areas identified as high risk HCV area for smallholder group (Independent Smallholders).

HCV assessment is a “must do” for RSPO certification. The key issue is often focus on the technical know-how to conduct HCV and financial capacity for smallholders to carry out this requirement on high risk HCV area.

Considering the limited capacity for smallholders Group Manager to conduct full HCV assessment on high risk area, RSSF could allocate fund to overcome such limitation by engaging a professional 3rd party to do it on behalf of the Group.

Under such circumstances, RSSF have set aside an allocation to support HCV assessment for smallholders based on the following:

  1. Initial HCV assessment, using the Unified HCV Guidance for Smallholders as guidance, has been carried out and that there is clear evidence that the area is identified to be inside a high risk area. This will still be the role of the Group Manager.
  2. Group Manager will be responsible to approach HCV Assessor to do full HCV Assessment, develop HCV Management and Monitoring Plan for the group.
  3. Request for RSSF fund support will have to be submitted together by the Group Manager and the HCV Assessor.
  4. Submit application to RSSF. To submit a proposal, it must clearly state:
  • Summary report of the Initial HCV Assessment
  • Terms of reference of the HCV assessment
  • Scale of the project (size of smallholders involved, size of area involved etc)
  • Timeline of the project
  • Cost to conduct the HCV assessment

     5. Approval will have to go through the normal process i.e. via RSSF Panel Meeting.

     6. Once Panel approves the application, a contract will be issued to the applicants prior to release of fund.


​For further information: [email protected]

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