RSPO’s Sustainability College now in the BETA testing phase

With the digital world now a common ground for learning, RSPO has taken the opportunity to dramatically enhance its Sustainability College by creating a fun and interactive platform that aims to educate stakeholders on key sustainability topics. This is currently in the BETA testing phase, and RSPO is inviting all stakeholders to test the new platform here and provide feedback, to help improve the platform before its official launch at this year's European Roundtable (EURT).

Animation helps make content more digestible

The revamped Sustainability College will structure content to fit within the the three pillars of sustainability: people, planet, and prosperity. It has also been specifically designed to align with the way people learn, in a stepwise approach, on three levels; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The digestible content will explain topics succinctly and in more layman terms, combining animated whiteboard and “chalk-and-talk” style animation to keep the user engaged. Video topics will also host subtitles in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Spanish.

Community page helps track progress

Some of the other major upgrades to the college include a revamped landing page incorporating social media login for easier access into the platform, and gamified elements such as a point-based system, a progress tracker, and quizzes to help check and retain user knowledge. The Community page displays a leaderboard showing how one is progressing compared to others within the college, personal analytics tracking progress, a newsfeed, and one’s profile showing achievements in terms of points and badges unlocked.

Check out the BETA version of the Sustainability College and try to take first place on the leaderboard so you can #BeASustainableHero! Don’t forget to provide your feedback here.

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