The RSPO welcomed the launch of the European Sustainable Palm Oil initiative during a meeting with the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation on 28th January.

Darrel Webber, Secretary General of the RSPO met with Minister Ploumen, and Frans Classen, Director of the Dutch Oils and Fats Industry Association (MVO), to discuss the progress in the palm oil sector.
"Europe accounts for 14% of global palm oil imports. If we go for 100% sustainable, we set up a global race to the summit", stressed Ploumen. The minister also wants to develop partnerships with China and India, which account for 20% and 15% of all palm oil imports respectively, to make the global palm oil sector more sustainable.
The RSPO is committed to achieving the landmark of 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) in Europe by 2020 and welcomes the support of Minister Ploumon and MVO through this new initiative towards efforts to increase market uptake of CSPO across Europe.

The Netherlands is currently a global leader in sustainable palm oil sourcing with an ambition to achieve 100% sustainable palm oil imports by the end of 2015. Over the past five years most of the food companies in the country have switched to CSPO; however the progress in many other European countries is not so impressive. Hence the creation of the European Sustainable Palm Oil initiative, which seeks to harmonise existing palm oil commitments and exchange best practices between countries and companies. Dutch Oils and Fats Industry Association (MVO) will coordinate the work of the new initiative, supported by IDH and working in close partnership with the RSPO.

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