The RSPO Secretariat has reached a final decision on the Post-Verification Assessment Monitoring as a follow up to the Independent Verification Assessment at Sime Darby Plantation Berhad’s (SDPB) operations in Malaysia.  

In early 2021, the RSPO Secretariat initiated an independent verification assessment to verify SDPB’s compliance with RSPO Standards, particularly on Principle 6 on Respect for Workers’ Rights and Conditions, and to verify if evidence exists to substantiate the allegations highlighted in the US CBP WRO within SDPB’s operations, with reference to the RSPO Principles and Standards. The independent verification assessment was carried out unannounced and was conducted across SDPB’s operations in Malaysia. 

Following the completion of this initial verification assessment at SDPB, the RSPO Secretariat issued a decision letter on 14 November 2022, (as referred to in this post). The verification assessment concluded some findings which also pointed to several other areas where further strengthening of SDPB’s systems and processes was required. Upon completion of verification assessment, this was later transferred to Post-Verification Assessment monitoring by the RSPO Secretariat under Sub-Division Compliance.

Subsequently, the RSPO Secretariat conducted post-verification assessment monitoring activities between December 2022 to April 2023, and reached a number of conclusions outlined in this decision letter.

Following these conclusions, the RSPO Secretariat has made a decision to close out this Post-Verification Assessment monitoring and will further inform the Certification Bodies and Accreditation Body for them to continue overseeing the issues outlined in the decision letter, during upcoming and subsequent RSPO audits.

The RSPO Secretariat would like to thank SDPB for its cooperation throughout this process in maintaining compliance with RSPO Standards and system requirements in striving for continuous improvement.

The protection and respect of human rights are an essential pillar of the RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C), which govern the production of certified sustainable palm oil by producers that have chosen to become RSPO members. Allegations of misconduct by members are not representative of RSPO standards.

The RSPO is committed to enhancing its monitoring systems on a more consistent basis and to improving the RSPO Assurance system overall. Any organisation or agency with additional information about violation(s) of the RSPO Standards found on any RSPO member plantations is encouraged to submit a formal complaint through the Complaints System.

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