RSPO Latin America has signed two key Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with the palm oil federations of Mexico and Guatemala, the Mexican Federation of Oil Palm Producers (FEMEXPALMA) and the Guild of Palm Growers of Guatemala (GREPALMA), aiming to jointly align strategic efforts by defining common objectives, identifying high impact projects, and fulfilling commitments in an effective manner. The two agreements will be effective until 2025. 

With these newly inked agreements, RSPO hopes to achieve specific objectives — certifying 40% of palm oil production in Mexico; and certifying 75% of palm oil production in Guatemala.

Francisco Naranjo, RSPO Director for Latin America, said this collaboration with the two palm oil federations will “decisively push the sustainable production of palm oil in Latin America by establishing clear goals and programmes aligned with these institutions. This alliance showcases the maturity of the palm oil sector, as well as its commitment to maintain the region´s leadership in sustainability at the global level.” 

Landmark moment for LaTam

The signing comes at an auspicious moment for RSPO’s Latin American members as it recently reached a milestone 1.5 million metric tonnes (MT) of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) in February 2021. A total of 31 certified growers in the Latin American region covers over 420,500 hectares of certified land, representing 30% of the region being RSPO certified — making it the fastest-growing region in terms of certification.

“Since the foundation of FEMEXPALMA, sustainability has been a fundamental axis in our work agenda, and we are convinced that this effort will be reinforced through the signing of the collaboration agreement with RSPO,” said FEMEXPALMA Executive President José Luis Pérez Vázquez. “Both institutions are able to add our synergies and experiences, especially in focusing on strategies to benefit smallholders. Together, we jointly promote the sustainable production of palm oil in Mexico to be the norm.” 

GREPALMA Executive Director Karen Rosales said, “GREPALMA is strongly committed to upholding Guatemala as a global role model of sustainability and productivity in the palm oil sector. Working together and joining forces is fundamental in achieving this, which is why this joint plan for 2021-2025 we have outlined with RSPO will strengthen our producers, propel a strategic way forward, and foster sustainable growth and responsibility in our sector.”

RSPO’s collaboration with FEMEXPALMA and GREPALMA will include several activities to accelerate RSPO’s mission of making sustainable palm oil the norm, including membership training, technical capacity building, joint communications, RSPO promotion, and participation as RSPO Ambassadors.

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