WWF Japan and RSPO will be hosting its first RSPO Japan Day event in Japan on the 27 September 2016. The event will take place at the Tokyo International Forum Hall.

The one-day event will cover topics such as sustainability issues related to palm oil, supply chain certification, best practices and challenges, sustainable procurement of palm oil and many more. RSPO Japan Day is expecting more than 300 participants to attend. 


Event details

Event RSPO Japan Day 2016
Object In order to promote sustainable procurement of palm oil, disseminate the importance of sustainable palm oil
Organizer RSPO Japan Day 2016 Executive Committee Chair, Akiko Minami (WWF Japan)
Special Support The Consumer Goods Forum
Support Green Purchasing Network (GPN), Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity (JBIB), UTZ
Sponsor Control Union Japan Co., Ltd., Daabon Group, WWF Japan, Ajinomoto Co., Inc., CO-OP Clean Co., Ltd., Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union, Kao Corporation, Lion Corporation, Saraya Co., Ltd., Seiyu GK, Shiseido Co., Ltd., Tamanohada Soap Corporation, InterRisk Research Institute & Consulting, Inc., The Nisshin Oillio Group, Ltd. NOF Corporation, Taiyo Yushi Corporation, Tsukishima Foods Industry Co., Ltd.
Date September 27th, 2016 9:00-17:30
Venue Tokyo International Forum Hall B5+B7  https://www.t-i-forum.co.jp/en/access/
Participants Over 300 Stakeholders such as businesses, government agencies, private organizations
Entry fee 【Pre-registration needed】Prepayment: ¥3,500 / Pay at reception: ¥4,000 / Walk-in: ¥5,000
Banquet ¥5,250
Secretariat Mecenat Travel Network Co., Ltd.




9:00 Registration Open
9:45-9:50 Welcome Address
RSPO Japan Day 2016 Executive Committee
9:50-10:20 Official Address
Mr. Darrel Webber / CEO, RSPO Secretariat
Mr. Johan Maris / Director, the Holding Control Union
10:20-10:50 [REPORT] Palm Oil Production and RSPO
Mr. Manuel Alberto Davila / Daabon Group
Daabon Group (Columbia) has been engaged since the foundation phase of the RSPO, and will introduce sustainable approaches taken at their plantations and mills.
10:50-11:20 [COMMENTARY] The Current State of Sustainable Procurement
Mr. Naoki Adachi / CEO, Response Ability, Inc.
Introducing the recent circumstances where approaches for sustainable procurement are the global trend, with specific examples.
11:20-12:20 [PANEL DISCUSSION 1] Introduction of Procurement Policies in Japan and Foreign Countries
MODERATOR: Mr. Naoki Adachi
PANEL MEMBERS: Seiyu GK, Taiyo Yushi Corporation, Unilever Japan Holdings K. K. and other RSPO members
Discussion with case studies of Japan and foreign countries on why and how some companies in Japan have started to embark on sustainable procurement.
12:20-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 [SESSION 1] Introduction of Sustainable Palm Oil Procurement
MODERATOR: Control Union Japan Co., Ltd.
SPEAKER: RSPO Secretariat, UTZ
Explanation of basics about certification system especially for companies which is interested to be involved in the RSPO.
Anyone is welcome, since basic information such as what palm oil is will also be introduced.
[SESSION 2] How to Purchase CSPO/CSPKO
MODERATOR: Mr. Satayoshi Tobai / Conservation Director, WWF Japan
SPEAKER: Kao Corporation, Saraya Co., Ltd., Taiyo Yushi Corporation, Fuji Oil Holdings Inc., Wild Asia
In Japan it is not yet easy to find/buy certified palm oil (kernel oil). Practical discussions will be made here on how to overcome such challenge, what actions overseas companies
have taken, what approach can be taken in Japan, etc.
[SESSION 3] Latest Situation Surrounding Palm Oil
SPEAKER: Daabon Group, CDP Secretariat, VERITE
Why do companies try to make sustainable procurement of palm oil? Various actions and background stories related to palm oil will be explained in detail. Key words are CDP, RSPO, NEXT, SDGs, POIG, etc.
15:00-15:30 Break
15:30-16:00 Review Sessions
16:00-17:00 [PANEL DISCUSSION 2] Certified Palm Oil in the Japanese Market
PANEL MEMBERS: Daabon Group, The Consumer Goods Forum, Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Kao Corporation, Green Purchasing Network (GPN), Supplier, Retailer, Trader, Ministries
Various supply chain stakeholders will join the discussion, share their individual challenges, and explore potential ways of sustainable palm oil procurement, with future scale expansion in Japan in mind.
17:00 Closing Address
RSPO Japan Day 2016 Executive Committee
17:30 Banquet

Moderators and Speakers are not fixed yet


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