Indonesian media received important insights into the Jurisdictional Approach (JA) to certification on a three-day media tour organised by RSPO Indonesia last month. The trip aimed to give the journalists a better understanding of JA and to socialise the concept to encourage sustainable plantation development.

RSPO partnered with Yayasan Penelitian Inovasi Bumi (INOBU) to facilitate a media briefing that focused on the background concept, expected impacts, and the collaboration programmes of RSPO, INOBU, and the Seruyan district government in realising the approach to jurisdictional certification.

The journalists were briefed about the support from West Kotawaringin district government to encourage smallholders in the district to obtain RSPO certification. They also engaged in interactive discussions with the district governments of both West Kotawaringin and Seruyan to have a better understanding of the developments of the JA.

“Smallholders will gain buyers’ trust that can help increase the selling price, while buyers will get certified palm oil that meets stringent certification standards and criteria,” explained West Kotawaringin regent Nurhidayah about the benefits of having RSPO certification.

RSPO Indonesia Director, Tiur Rumondang explained to the journalists that the JA method is a quick way for independent smallholders to obtain sustainable palm oil certification. The high cost and the long certification process were the factors that deter smallholders from getting certified. Besides that, another challenge that the group who obtained certification might face is how they can maintain the first five years to get a sustainable stamp again.

On the second day of the tour, the participants visited Agrowisata, a theme park founded by RSPO certified smallholders based in West Kotawaringin. It houses a swimming pool, vehicles for adventure activities, and a fishing area. All operational costs are covered by the smallholders own surplus income from the harvesting of their oil palms.

RSPO and INOBU, together with the journalists, also had an opportunity to discuss about the development of Seruyan towards jurisdictional certification. They met the Assistant II of the Economics and Development of Seruyan, Djainuddin Noor, who explained to them Seruyan regional government’s initiatives in supporting jurisdictional certification. To achieve the target of jurisdiction, the local government has formed a working group, which consists of eight local government organisations, eight large companies, and eight social organisations.

All the journalists found the media tour to be very informative and insightful, and now they are more prepared in sharing the information about JA.

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