The JaSPON x RSPO Conference and Members Engagement Forum will take place from 11-12 October 2023. The event is expected to draw key stakeholders in the Japanese palm oil industry to discuss critical issues surrounding the promotion of sustainable palm oil in the Japanese market.

During the event, RSPO will be giving a number of key presentations focused on the concerns of RSPO’s Japanese members, including ensuring smallholder inclusion in the sustainable value chain, regional challenges and opportunities, new and upcoming deforestation legislations related to palm oil, and the concept of Shared Responsibility towards making palm oil sustainable.

Growth of Japanese market

RSPO Membership in Japan has grown strongly since 2018, from 117 members to 296 members as of July 2023, to become the fourth largest membership base by country. Japanese trade in CSPO has also risen significantly since 2018, to 257,000 Metric Tonnes (MT) in 2022. Compared to Japan’s imports of palm oil, CSPO represented 39% of Japanese palm oil imports as of 2022, up from only 3.9% in 2018.

Estimated Japanese domestic consumption of CSPO has also grown rapidly since 2018, now representing 26.6% of estimated domestic consumption in 2022 – 159,000 MT of a total market of 600,000 MT.

Japanese RSPO Members in the retail and consumer goods manufacturer sectors also have a significant international presence, especially in Asia, using a sizable amount of products with CSPO in their international operations. The total global consumption of CSPO by Japanese CGM and retailer members amounts to an estimated 338,000 MT in 2022.

In light of this progress, RSPO and JaSPON have been working together to promote the advancement of sustainable palm oil in Japan. Initially formed in 2019 by 18 companies, organisations and companies including retailers, consumer goods manufacturers and NGOs, JaSPON aims to accelerate the procurement and consumption of sustainable palm oil in the Japanese market, focused on addressing the environmental issues of palm oil production.

“It is a great honour to welcome the RSPO to Japan for the first time for the co-hosted conference,” said Takashi Aoki, Secretary General/Director of the Borneo Conservation Trust Japan. “It promises to be a great experience for both the RSPO and RSPO Members in Japan.”

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