New York, December 19, 2017:  The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) announces the formation of the North American Sustainable Palm Oil Network (NASPON), today following the 15th Annual Roundtable Meeting in Bali, Indonesia. In an effort to accelerate collaboration within the market, NASPON’s mission is to educate, build momentum and assist North American companies in making and delivering on commitments to source sustainable palm oil.

“The formation of NASPON brings together like-minded organizations working collectively to find long-term, industrywide solutions to secure certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) in their products,” said Chief Executive Officer of RSPO, Darrel Webber. “NASPON will bring a much needed dialogue of sustainable palm oil to North America, further amplifying our collective goal to respect human and labor rights, local communities and biodiversity throughout the palm oil supply chain.”

The collaborative resource will consist of associations, civil society organizations, consumer goods manufacturers, food-service retailers, retailers, and palm oil traders and producers committed to increasing the use of CSPO and certified sustainable palm kernel oil in North America, with a goal of making sustainable palm oil the norm, both in this market and across the globe. This new coalition is necessary to bring this market into the global sustainable palm oil discussion with dedicated resources, a focus on challenges unique to North America and to build a critical mass of demand for sustainable palm oil.  Founding members of NASPON include Ahold Delhaize, Albertsons Companies, Barry Callebaut, Blommer Chocolate Company, Bunge, Conservation International, Control Union, Dunkin' Brands, Fuji Oils, Grupo Bimbo, International Flavors & Fragrances, IOI Loders Croklaan, Kellogg Company, Kraft Heinz, PepsiCo, Rainforest Alliance and Target.



"Ahold Delhaize believe that this group of companies working together pre-competitively on the development of the North American CSPO market will be able to achieve NAPSON's goal of reaching 100% CSPO in North America. Reducing environmental and social risk in palm oil supply chains is a goal that unites us all."

  • Hugo Byrnes, Vice President of Product Integrity



“Albertsons Companies is pleased to join the North American Sustainable Palm Oil Network as a founding member. The goals of the group align closely with our corporate commitments to responsibly source palm oil and we look forward to collaborating on this issue to increase adoption of certified sustainable palm oil throughout the supply chain.”

  • Darcie Renn, Senior Sustainability Manager, Albertsons Companies



"Barry Callebaut recognizes the importance of sustainable palm oil and our place in that value chain.  NASPON provides a platform for working collaboratively in North America to drive sustainable palm across the region."    

  • Laura Roth, Sustainability Manager, Americas



“Blommer Chocolate is proud to be a founding member of the North American Sustainable Palm Network.  Aligning well with our long history in sustainability, NASPON will provide the needed platform for companies and organizations to come together to share learnings, work to improve programs and expand awareness of this critical work.”

  • Kip Walk, Senior Director, Blommer Chocolate Company



“Control Union is pleased to support the continue adoption of certified palm oil in North America through our membership in NASPON.  Through this collaboration we believe NASPON will be a great forum to build on the desire of the market to find solutions in meeting companies’ commitments to source sustainable palm oil.”

  • Robert Demianew, Vice President, Control Union Certifications North America



“Dunkin’ Brands is committed to sourcing sustainable palm oil. We are pleased to support NASPON and look forward to collaborating and problem-solving with industry peers to help increase access to CSPO.”

  • Anne Fajon, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Dunkin’ Brands



“Our collaboration with NASPON reflects our commitment to ensuring that ingredients in our products are sourced in a manner that respects human and labor rights, local communities and biodiversity. We look forward to partnering with like-minded companies and organizations that are committed to securing a sustainable supply of certified palm oil.”

  • Gladys Gabriel, Vice President, Global Procurement, International Flavors & Fragrances



“IOI Loders Croklaan is excited to see the commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil in North America. NASPON fills a need in our market and we look forward to participating in such a united, diverse and collaborative group.”

  • Shellie Kramer, Marketing Manager, IOI Loders Croklaan



“We’re proud to be a founding member of NASPON. This robust and diverse network will help lead the charge to deliver on global commitments to source sustainable palm oil. Together with others across the palm oil supply chain we’re implementing guidance and programs with our suppliers to ensure that we are proactively sourcing fully traceable palm oil. These partnerships are important because the challenges are far too large for any one company or organization to tackle alone.”

  • Amy Braun Senter, Kellogg Director of Sustainability



“PepsiCo is committed to sourcing our food and beverage ingredients in a way that respects the natural environment and promotes human rights around the world. In 2015, PepsiCo launched our Palm Oil Action Plan, including a commitment to source 100 percent physically certified RSPO sustainable palm oil. NASPON is a vital initiative to help us meet our commitment, increase the scale of certified palm oil use, and develop sustainable supply chains, including in places like Mexico, where PepsiCo is already working on the ground to build capacity for sustainable production.”

  • Rob Meyers, Director of Sustainable Agriculture, PepsiCo



“Rainforest Alliance is pleased to join NASPON as a founding member to support companies in meeting commitments to sustainable palm oil. Strong demand for responsible palm oil in North America is essential to achieving sustainable land management practices and improved smallholder livelihoods in key oil palm landscapes where the Rainforest Alliance works, such as in Indonesia, Colombia, and Guatemala.”

  • Nigel Sizer, President, Rainforest Alliance



“In 2015, Target committed to using fully traceable and sustainable palm oil in all of our owned brand food, personal care and household cleaning products by 2018, and we’re proud to report that we’re on track to reach that milestone next year. As a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil since 2016, we’re eager to continue championing the importance of sustainable palm oil alongside other North American companies as a charter member of NASPON.”

  • Jennifer Silberman, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Target


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