All RSPO Members share the individual responsibility and commitment to support RSPO’s vision “to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm,” which is upheld by the RSPO Code of Conduct.

During the 19th General Assembly (GA19), which was held in person and virtually on 1 December 2022 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Resolution GA19-2 was approved with the mandate of updating and communicating to all RSPO members about the change in  Clause 3.2 of the updated RSPO Code of Conduct for Members 2022 and RSPO Code of Conduct for Supply Chain Associates 2022.

The amended Clause 3.2 of the RSPO Code of Conduct for Members 2022 and the RSPO Code of Conduct for Supply Chain Associates 2022 states: 

3.2    In being committed towards the production, procurement and use of Sustainable Palm Oil1, members to whom the P&C2 do not apply directly shall adopt and implement environmental and social standards no lower than those set out in the P&C.

This clause reinforces the commitment of RSPO Members towards a sustainable palm oil industry. Therefore, all RSPO members are committed to implementing environmental and social standards, not lower than those included in the Principles & Criteria (P&C), in their palm oil operations to achieve sustainability.

As the intent of this revised clause is not new but an amendment to clarify its meaning, the RSPO Secretariat is inviting all RSPO Members to join us in one of a series of webinars focused on the interpretation of the clause and its implications, and for clarifying any doubts; as well as to understand better the CoC applicable to RSPO members.

Please join us in one of the socialisation sessions:

  • 3.00pm – 4.00pm CEST on 2 May 2023: Register here
  • 9.30am – 10.30am CEST on 11 May 2023: Register here

1 Production, procurement and use of  Palm Oil involves all members of RSPO whether directly or indirectly involved in the production, procurement, and use of Sustainable Palm Oil.
2 Environmental and social standards shall focus on all the environmental and social issues identified in the RSPO P&C.

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