60-day Public Consultation, 13 September 2021 – 12 November 2021

The current version of RSPO Management System Requirements for Group Certification of FFB Production (known as Group Certification) 2018 facilitates the RSPO certification process for any FFB producers (Independent Smallholders, cheme Smallholders, outgrowers, medium growers and any independent growers) who are not a mill-with-supply-base (i.e. mills with their own estates/plantations). The Group Certification 2018 provided different certification options from the Principles & Criteria (P&C) 2013 to Independent Smallholders and Scheme Smallholders, medium growers and scheme outgrowers respectively.

With the adoption of the RSPO P&C 2018 in November 2018, and adoption of the RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard in November 2019, the Group Certification 2018 was revised to ensure alignment with the P&C and Independent Smallholder Standard; as well as with the latest recommendations from the Medium Grower Taskforce (MGTF) relating to the definition and certification paths of medium growers.

The revised Group Certification 2021 presents the RSPO requirements, covering ONLY the system requirements for group management of the Group Manager. This document is to be used in alongside the P&C — the certification standard to be met by all group members and against which certification assessments are made; and the Certification System Document — which set out how certification bodies should assess an operation and reach a decision on whether or not a set of requirements has been met.

The revised Group Certification 2021 will be open for public comments, starting 13 September to 12 November 2021. Please download the revised Draft of the RSPO Group Certification 2021 document and provide your feedback using the attached forms below.

All comments are to be submitted to [email protected] by COB 5pm (MYT) on 12 November 2021.

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