In line with our commitment to upholding the highest standards for sustainability in the palm oil sector, ASI would like to invite qualified individuals to participate in our upcoming training sessions for RSPO Peer Reviewers. This training is designed to align with the requirements of the RSPO Certification Systems for the RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) and RSPO Independent Smallholder (ISH) Standard RSPO-PRO-T01-002 V3.

To ensure the credibility of assessment reports produced under the RSPO Certification scheme, there is a crucial need for a rigorous peer review process. The main objective of this process is to validate the technical credibility of the certification assessment’s evaluation methodology, scrutinise the conclusions made by the audit team, and provide constructive feedback on the audit team’s recommendations.

Eligibility Criteria:
All prospective peer reviewers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Experience: At least seven years of field experience in the palm oil sector, health and safety, or environmental management. This should also encompass experience in High Conservation Value (HCV) and High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessment, social auditing, or involvement in human rights activities.
  2. Training: Completion of the RSPO endorsed P&C lead auditor course.
  3. Familiarity: Must be well-versed with the RSPO Certification Systems for P&C and ISH Standard. This knowledge should be derived from training by RSPO, Accreditation Bodies (AB), Certification Bodies (CBs), or RSPO endorsed trainers.

Independence and Impartiality:
Potential peer reviewers should neither be permanent nor temporary employees of the Certification Body (CB). They must have maintained independence from the management unit being reviewed for a minimum of five years to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Training Sessions:
To cater to different time zones, we have organised two sessions:

  • For participants from Africa and the Americas: 27 October 2023.
  • For participants from Southeast Asia: 28 October 2023.

A test will be administered at the conclusion of the training to assess the participants’ understanding and competency.

Application Details:
Interested participants are requested to apply by sending their credentials and a brief statement of interest via email to [email protected] The deadline for submissions is 22 October 2023.

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