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SCC Lead Auditor Course - English (20 & 21 January 2022)


20 Jan 2022 - 21 Jan 2022, 1400 to 2000 UK London time. (Please check your time zones)




GBP £550.00. (Register before 1st December 2021. GBP  £500.00)

(Invoices can be raised in USD $ using bank exchange rate at that time as a guide)


For a registration form, please contact:

David Ogg (david@checkmarktraining.com)




This course provides the necessary foundation for Certification bodies to further develop auditor competency and audit skills, with all the considerable advantages and in accordance with the RSPO SCC Systems.

We use a combination of ASYNCHRONOUS training where delegates work in their own time and SYNCHRONOUS training, where there is live training conducted by an RSPO-endorsed SCC trainer.

The asynchronous training includes an on-line multiple-choice exam and is designed to ensure that all delegates have a sound and fundamental understanding of the supply chain from the oil palm plantations to the final consumer.

The Training is in three phases:

Phase 1: ASYNCHRONOUS. Allow 8 hrs study time plus exam

Delegates will be provided with copies of:

  • RSPO SCC Standard Feb 2020
  • RSPO SCC Systems. Feb 2020
  • RSPO Rules on Market Communication and Claims

Delegates are also provided with narrated versions of modules 1 and 2

  • Module 1. The RSPO. Oil Palm. Oil Palm before and after RSPO certification. Oil Palm Products
  • Module 2. Supply chain models. RSPO oil palm products. RSPO inputs and outputs. Calculating quantities of “palm”

After reading and reviewing these modules, delegates must sit an ON-LINE pre-course multiple choice exam. This will be time limited and the multiple-choice questions will be randomised in order to each delegate and so each delegate has a different order of questions.

Pass rate is 70% to move to phase 2.

Phase 2: WebEx (or equivalent). Synchronous

Passing the phase 1 exam is a pre-requisite.

The synchronous training is held over 2 days via WebEx.

The main training document is a PowerPoint presentation, supported by Excel spreadsheets and Word Documents that are designed for auditors and companies in the supply chain.

  • Module 3. SCC Standard Supply Chain Models. IP. SG. MB and BC.
  • Module 4. Multi-site certification.
  • Module 5. Group Certification.
  • Module 6. Food service companies.
  • Module 7. General SCC requirements.
  • Module 8. Palm Trace.
  • Module 9. RSPO Rules on Market Communication and Claims.
  • Module 10. Oleochemicals.
  • Module 11. RSPO SCC Systems.
  • Module 12. Audit techniques.

Phase 3: Final exam. 3 hrs.

After phase 2, delegates will sit an ONLINE exam in accordance with the RSPO SCC training syllabus. This will be time limited. Pass rate 70%.

Successful candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion of an RSPO-endorsed RSPO SCC (v2020) Lead Auditors Course.