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RSPO Supply Chain Certification Training Course - Johor Bahru, Malaysia (Update)


20 Feb 2017 - 22 Feb 2017


Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

The course focuses on the application of  RSPO SCC systems and audit practice requirements to ensure consistent and appropriate audit decision making. It covers key topics including:

  • The requirements of different supply chain models (i.e. Identity Preserved, Segregation, Mass Balance)
  • Multi-site and group certification requirements
  • Claims and logo use
  • Tracking and trading of certified palm oil: e-Trace and Book and Claim
  • Auditing skills

Three (3) days face-to-face workshop course for Lead Auditors. 2.5 days of classroom tutorials and exercises including a written exam & 0.5 days practical audit exercise in a refinery based in Johor, Malaysia

For more information, please contact: Southeastasia@proforest.net. Website : Proforest - RSPO Supply Chain Certification Training Course