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RSPO eTrace Training Workshop for Smallholders Group Managers/Supporting NGOs on 8 November 2016 in Bangkok


08 Nov 2016 5 PM - 7 PM


Ballroom 1, Shangri-La Bangkok

In this training session, group managers and NGOs supporting independent smallholder groups will learn how to use the RSPO eTrace platform for selling RSPO credits. From January 2017 onwards, the Book & Claim supply chain model will be handled in RSPO eTrace, like the physical supply chain models of the RSPO. For certified independent smallholder groups this means that they can sell RSPO credits (currently known as GreenPalm certificates) for CSPO, CSPKO and CSPKE through RSPO eTrace.

The workshop will be in English with live dual language translation in Thailand and Bahasa Indonesia. The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Transition from GreenPalm to eTrace
  • Demonstration of the New System
  • Question & Answer Session

Who should attend : The workshop is open to individuals or organisations that are working with Smallholders

Please contact Lisa Schaller at lisa.schaller@utz.org for more information.

Registration is free and seats are limited.