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RSPO endorsed RSPO SCC Lead Auditor Courses (2016) - Colombia


18 Apr 2016 - 19 Apr 2016



A 2 day RSPO - endorsed RSPO Supply Chain Certification Training course designed for auditors and all companies in the supply chain will be conducted by David Ogg & Partners Ltd. The course is designed for auditors and all companies in the supply chain; from palm oil mills to retailers: who purchase, process, manufacture and sell products containing palm oil and palm kernel oil and their derivatives. It is applicable for all sizes of business, managers at all levels, internal auditors, third party auditors and certification body personnel. 


This course will develop participants' understanding of the RSPO SCC standard and covers the origins of crude palm oil and palm kernel, the RSPO SCC Supply Chain Models (IP, SG, MB and BC) and the Modules, which explain how to implement the Models. Practical advice on compliance is given and templates are provided to help with preparation for an RSPO SCC audit. 


Details of the workshop:

Colombia. (Please contact Miguel Tejada: miguel@agrobiz.biz)

Bogota: Lunes 18 de Abril y Martes 19 de Abril de 2016

(This course will be delivered in Spanish only.)