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We need your help to strengthen child rights in oil palm plantations

Children are impacted by the palm oil industry in many different ways – as dependents of workers, members of the oil palm growing communities and sometimes workers themselves. While child labour remains a critical concern, there are many other ways in which the lives of children are impacted by the palm oil sector. These include lack of maternity protection, childcare support, access to education, poor health and nutrition levels, and limited access to basic services in remote areas.

The RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) for the Production of Sustainable Palm Oil was revised and adopted in November 2018, which now includes more stringent criteria for the rights and protection of children. 

RSPO has engaged Centre for Child Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility and Proforest to jointly develop a Guidance on Child Rights for Oil Palm Companies. This will be a practical guidance for companies to improve business policies and practices for children, working parents and surrounding communities.

As such, we would like your feedback and input on what are the current issues regarding children in oil palm companies based on your experience. Please click the link below to fill in a short survey (5 minutes). The survey will close on 7 August, 2019. Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!

Online Survey: https://rspo-short-survey-for-member-companies.questionpro.com