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RSPO Supply Chain Group Certification

Dear RSPO Members,


RSPO is now offering the RSPO Supply Chain Group Certification, which is an option under the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Scheme that is specifically targeted at Small to Medium Sized Companies i.e. not more than 500 MT of palm oil and / or palm oil products per year. However, the quantity and value of the RSPO certified products that are produced or processed will also be a determining factor for eligibility to join the Group Certification Scheme.


The RSPO Supply Chain Group Certification offers a more pragmatic means of getting certified by SMEs whereby the direct costs of certification are shared between the members within the group.


It has become essential for companies / organizations to obtain their RSPO Supply Chain Certification to accommodate the increasing demand for finished products to either contain or contribute towards the production of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO).


The RSPO Supply Chain Certification applies to any company / organization throughout the supply chain that takes legal ownership and physically handles RSPO CSPO, including receipt into storage tanks, up to and inclusive of end-product manufacturers.


For further details, kindly download the Supply Chain Group Certification Scheme in pdf here.