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RSPO Drainability Assessment Procedure Version 2

The RSPO Secretariat is pleased to share the RSPO Drainability Assessment (DA) Procedure Version 2, which was endorsed by the Standard Standing Committee (SSC) on 26 October 2021. This version was improved and developed by the Peatland Working Group 2 (PLWG-2) based on the feedback received on the implementation of the DA Procedure Version 1. 

The adoption of DA Procedure Version 2 is given a transition period from now until 31 March 2022 before it comes into force. During this transition period, companies are given the option to continue using the DA Procedure Version 1 and reports will be reviewed based on the version used to conduct the assessment.

Companies with an ongoing DA review are not required to revise their report to accommodate DA Procedure Version 2.  

The RSPO Secretariat will be organising a webinar and training sessions to socialise this procedure to our members. Further details on this will be shared in a separate announcement. 

The DA Procedure Version 2, along with the related documents, can be downloaded below:

  1. DAP V2 (translation in Bahasa Indonesia coming soon)

  2. Submission Checklist* (translation in Bahasa Indonesia coming soon)

*Every new submission using the DA Procedure Version 2 must be accompanied by the completed submission checklist. 

For submission of DA reports and/or clarification on this guidance, feel free to reach out to ghg@rspo.org.