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RSPO Dispute Settlement Facility Advisory Group

We are pleased to inform that the EB has recently endorsed the formalization of the DSF Advisory Group within RSPO, a group that has already been in existence since the inception of DSF in 2009. This is an important move to ensure that DSF is further strengthened within the RSPO in its offer of services to its members.

The Terms of Reference for the group was developed at the DSF Workshop in Singapore last year.

The composition of the member in the DSF Advisory Group will be as the following:

Category Nominee Organisation
Grower (3) Mr Peter Heng

Identified but not confirmed

Golden Agri Resources

Sime Darby
Social NGO (4)

Paul Wolvekamp

Johan Verburg

Darryl Delgado



Verite South East Asia
Environment NGO (3)

Anne Rosenbarger

Michelle Desilets

Thiagarajan Nadeson

World Resources Institute

Orangutan Land Trust

Supply Chain (2)

Identified but not confirmed

Expert (5)

Dr Marcus Colchester

Dr Piers Gillespie

Teoh Cheng Hai

Liz Crosbie

Forest People Program


Independent Consultant

Strategic Environmental Consulting Ltd

We wish to invite nomination from interested members of the respective sectors to fill in the vacancy as stated above (under the Organisation column). Interested individual who wish to join in the DSF-Advisory Group, would be expected to dedicate some of their time for the work as this is on voluntary basis. We encourage members who have the background knowledge and interest in the area of non-judicial dispute resolution field to join.

There will be two (2) physical meeting in a year, most likely will be held around the Asia-Pacific region. Members are expected to attend this meeting at their own cost.

Meanwhile, we wish to acknowledge our gratitude and appreciation to individuals who have accepted to be in the Advisory Group, as stated in the above list. Please send your nomination by providing us the details (name, organisation and position in the organisation, RSPO member category) to Ms Julia Majail (jmajail@rspo.org) before or by 24 May 2013 (Friday).


DSF Mission & TOR Advisory Group.pdf

RSPO Dispute Settlement Facility (DSF) is a sub-ordinate to the RSPO Complaint System, which addresses disputes arising from issues relevant to certain RSPO P&C. In particular, it is dedicated to deal with disputes that result from lack of FPIC, recognition of the community voice, and respect for customary rights. DSF enables a mediation process that may be undertaken by mutual consent of the parties involved in the disputes.