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RSPO Announcement for Time Bound Plan Revision

The RSPO Certification Systems for Principles and Criteria (P&C) require RSPO members to provide the Time Bound Plan (TBP) for certifying all its management units and/or entities, including the units where the organisation has management control and/or minor shareholding.

As mentioned in Clause 4.5.3 of the P&C Certification System (14 June 2017) and recently revised with Clause 5.5.2 of the P&C Certification System (12 November 2020), the TBP shall contain a current list of all estates and mills and as a minimum, all estates and mills shall be certified within five (5) years after obtaining RSPO membership. Any new acquisitions shall be certified within a three-year time frame. Any deviations from these maximum periods require approval by the RSPO Secretariat.

In order to help RSPO members comply with the above aforementioned requirements, the RSPO Secretariat requires members to download and fill up the attached Time Bound Plan Revision template when requesting approval for any deviation from the maximum periods. The request shall be directed to the RSPO Secretariat (Certification Unit) via email to certification@rspo.org with the completed template as an attachment. The Certification Unit in the RSPO Secretariat will then review the request and provide approval upon a satisfactory review. Please ensure that the revision of the TBP is supported with a strong justification from the management unit.

Kindly refer to the attached Time Bound Plan Revision template and also the detailed Flowchart for RSPO members when making approval requests for TBP revision.

The implementation of this new process flow is effective as per date of announcement. For any further questions and assistance, please contact certification@rspo.org